Sunday, 18 October 2015

Some Roses from my Garden

Hi friends, I just thought I would share some pics of my collection of David Austin Roses that are in full bloom at the moment. I must say I am quiet proud of them. I never thought I could grow a rose, let alone have a mass of flowers. I keep smelling them all the time, and nearly sucked a small spider up my nostril, lol. The smell is wonderful, like turkish delight, just divine.
I had some red ones as well but my oldest son wanted them (oh yeah, mmmm? )
Just wanted to share my blessings with you 

If any of you awesome rose professors are out there, I would appreciate some of the technical names of them, as I bought them in a bunch, and it was pot luck, so I didn't know what I ended up with...
Not complaining though.


  1. These are gorgeous. I bet the scent is divine.

    1. Oh yes they do, just like Turkish delight...!!

  2. Fabulous I can almost smell them here lol. The village next to us makes the Turkish Delight but the call it Cyprus Delight as we were invaded by the Turks and are a divided island. Sorry to digress Hilde. I wish our Ross looked half as good as these.