Friday, 14 June 2013

Fires in Colorado

Hi to all my fellow bloggers out there. 
Living in Australia where during the Summer time we are always inundated with bush fires somewhere in our land, and having being evacuated in the big 94 bushfire up our way, when our children where little,  I know the angst and overwhelming helplessness that takes over. The inability to really hold back this incredible force. Not knowing if you will have anything left to go back to.  The amazing bravery of all of the fire fighters, volunteers and other people that risk their lives to save others and their homes.....
A very big THANK YOU to all of those wonderful people, and just letting you know out there, that I am praying and thinking of you and stay safe. This too will pass....
and if you have faith, hang onto it dearly, it will get you through...
Blessings Hilde

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