Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sticky post

Hi everyone, I pray that you will all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. With all the things that have been recently going on in this world of ours, I hope that you would still believe in the good things of life.

I know that I will try my best to enjoy this season and not allow the hype that surrounds us get in the way. 
My plan is not to get stressed, telling myself it's OK not to be perfect, and not try to do it all myself. I will allow others to help and will enjoy Christmas and try to relax. 
THANK YOU  for being a follower of my blog and taking interest in my creations and posts. I really tresure every comment and even every page view. All I can hope for that I was able to pass on something interesting  to you. So a big heartfelt thanks and hug for your loyalty and friendship.
I pray that 2013 will bring you your hearts desires.
Depending on time, I might have a go at some more challenges, but if not, I will see you in the New Year.
Many, many blessings Hilde