Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sad, but true

Hi friends,
in the last couple of months I have won a bunch of different challenges. It's wonderful to win, we all know that, and I have been blogging a while now and have quiet a few 'wins' under my belt so to speak.
I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything, just the way it is, because I enter a lot of challenges over the time, and you are bound to win some. It's great when you do, and often there is a prize attached to the win.
Now here comes the : Sad but true part.
Just recently I have been dissapointed in the way certain challenge blogs have treated their 'winner'.
Once you find out you won, you then contact the blog....right?
Yeah, did that.
They then send you an email back saying stuff like: congratulations, pick from these images or here is your prize attached, either a voucher or a digi stamp or what ever it may be. Right??
After the initial contact, I never heard from them again.....
Even after sending another email to check if they got it ok. Nothing.
So I check the email on the challenge blog, I am human, I make mistakes....nope, got it right.
Should I pester them again??? Give them a couple more days, maybe they are busy....sent email again.
Nothing. so that's it then....?? or is it.
What would you do???
Has this happenend to you? or just me?
Well I just had a bad run, it's happenend to me from three different blogs 3 times in a row.
I am just so dissapointed. Why run a challenge blog, and have sponsors that provide prizes, and then when it;s the winners right to receive that prize, you don't answer them back?
I have come across a bunch of challenge blogs where the blog had to re-draw the prize because the winner did not contact them...!!! Works both ways I guess.
Curious to know if this has happenend to others...
Let me know
Blessings Hilde


  1. Hiya, agree with you, also seems to take some of them long time to announce winners as well. Also notice that some challenges seem to pick the same winners every time, not giving others a chance.
    Cheers Sue xx

  2. It's happened too many times for me to count. Sometimes it's the challenge blog who doesn't follow through and sometimes it's the sponsor. I just chalk it up to another of life's oh well and sometimes just don't bother to join in their challenges again. Good luck

  3. Oh Hilde, That is so unfortunate. I have not run into this myself but I recently had a winner on my blog that ended up not getting back to me so I just went to her comment on my blog and I clicked on her name/ picture and low and behold she had a blog so I clicked the link and went to her blog to find her e-mail address, so I simply just e-mailed her and she was very appreciative that I went through the trouble to find her (which took me like 2 minutes- so really not much effort). It would be nice if others would just take the extra time, once in a while, to find their winners...we all know what life can get busy in a heartbeat. Hugs

  4. Hi Hilde
    It is sad, isn't it! I have been on both sides of the fence... as a challenge organiser on two blogs, I have been in the position where the winner has not contacted me, but although the challenges rules are that the participant must check the winners, I have emailed them, or visited their blog. I always ensure that challenge participants can contact me through my personal blog or another email address too, just in case!

    Last year, I won 2 prizes in the same blog event (not challenges) and not ever received the prizes - even after contact the organisers and sponsors, and then sending in my prize choices. It is very disappointing, especially when the sponsors advertise that they always ensure the customer has what they have ordered etc. It left me very disheartened, as I had made large purchases from them previously.
    But after the disappointment, I think of it this way... there are too many good things in life to waste our time on people and things that are disappointing. Please don't let this disappointment stop you from your creating or crafting. It's not worth it.
    hugs and blessings,

  5. dont be sad 'coz more blessings will come to you... ***smile

  6. Hi hunny, have u tried contacting the sponsor or leave a comment on the actual post, this is so wrong, its fraud getting people to join in offering prizes that are not there,'I would try again and if still nothing I wouldn't go back,'its wrong, ask the other winners from past challenges if they received there prize, I no my mum had it happen to her once and she did get her images eventually, but it took 4 weeks from picking them to get them, I know it must be very disheartning, it doesn't cost to send a simple courtesy email..
    Kenzi xx