Saturday, 14 January 2012

Having problems with scrolling down on some blogs!!! Anyone else?

Hi everyone, is it just me or are others having the same problem. ??
I can't scroll down on some blogs, it seems to happen at random. I first suspected my computer as it is starting to go a bit gray, but no, I tried the other computer, the kinky fresh young one, and I am having the same issues. Is it blogger or what is it??
It's frustrating when I am suppose to leave comments on blogs for my DT obligations and it freezes on me....
Any suggestions??


  1. I have problem too!!! I can't jump from one page to another, even in the same blog! Since yesterday ! I can't even go to the comment form! Whats wrong?

  2. I know lots of peeps are having the same issues hopefully blogger will sort it out soon for you..he is sooooo naughty...!

    have a lovely weekend...hugs Vicky xx