Saturday, 29 October 2011

Almost 100 followers

G'day friends. I have a little announcement to make. First of all a big THANK YOU for wanting to be a follower of my blog. I really appreciate you guys and thanks for you interest. I am amazed that slowly but steadily the followers have krept up to 91 as we stand today.
So I was thinking..... and no it didn't hurt, lol, I should do something. So once I reach 100 followers I will put on some blog candy to celebrate the occassion. As a thankyou to you.
I will be posting a pic shortly, and maybe once I work out how to do a sticky post? Some one might be able to help me there? Please.
I am just gathering some goodies so once I got it all together will do another post.
Just wanted to give you a heads up.
Have a great weekend everyone,
Blessings Hilde

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on all the followers!
    Re the sticky post, I think what you do is, type out your post and publish it as normal and then go back in to edit it and change the date to what ever date you want it to be the top post and click publish again. Because you have already published it, it should still appear on your blog and not as a scheduled post.
    I did it like that once before, but that was a while ago and there have been a few updates since that so I hope that is still how to do it!