Thursday, 21 April 2011

WOYWW # 98

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday
Join me in the fun ove at Julia Dunnit's blog called Stamping Ground and check out everyones Work Desk.

Ahhh and they said it wouldn't last!! Ha! And they were right. LOL. Yes, well, I did have a tidy work desk for about a week. True!! No really............ I amazed myself. It;s my daughters fault ofcourse. She had this strange notion to make some easteregg decorations. So I tried to remember how to blow out eggs. After my eyes nearly popped out of my head and I was gasping for air, I remembered that you had to pierce the yolk. I remember. Things I do, honestly. Then we proceeded to paint the eggs because they were brown ones, and found out that nothing ( and I mean nothing) would stick to the acrylic paint we used. Boy!
 So out came some stickles and we are still having  a 'tink' on what to do next.

Here I just finished one of my altime favourite images from Angels Landing, for Easter. In the back there are  some cards I just finished, and to the right my book that I write all my Card Comps in.
I am a bit late this week, so am looking forward to peeking at your place, blessings Hilde

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  1. LOoking very crafty there! Love the bunny images. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28