Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW # 94

Hi all, what a busy week it has been. I was actually just trying to distract your attention away from my desk for a moment. This is what I get to see every day off my back balcony. Beautiful nes pa? The water you see through the gum trees and the Jacaranda tree on the left is the Hawkesbury River 1 hour north from Sydney where I live. Even though it was raining all day and slighty overcast it still looks great. Now just picture the noise of acouple of  Kookaburras fighting over their territory and a bunch of rainbow lorikeets screeching and fighting over the driest branch in the tree to my right which is not on the pic.

Ok,Ok, enough with the distraction. I was only trying to take you attention away from my sadly even more messy desk than usual. I really think the time has come for a clean up, but must admit I have been very creative this week. The ugly yellow container is a no brand name empty ice cream bucket, lol. I keep all my printed digis in it. Getting a little crowded.
Why not head over to Julia's blog called Stamping Ground, and join in the fun. You will get to see What's on your work desk Wednesday.
Thanks for everyones comments last week. See you at your place soon, blessings Hilde


  1. Love the view from your balcony, I can see why it distracts you!!

    brenda 84

  2. Not as untidy as my dining table with a wool mountain on it - I should be tidying that and not blog hopping!!!
    If you haven't already, then please pop over to our blog shop and get your name down in the BIG celebration draw.

    Good luck

  3. stunnign view
    happy woyww
    vicky - angeldrummer number 41

  4. I thought the view I had was great but yours is even better. A bit far for me to go!
    I like mess - shows you are being creative. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Not Messy just Creative!Love the view from the window.Have a creative day!
    hugs judex

  6. We like mess it shows creativity and I love that view - can you send it my way?

  7. What an idyllic place to live - I bet you only have to look out to get inspired! (but obviously not inspired enough to sort your desk out) Oh dear that is a mess - but I just bet you know where everything is!!!!!
    Rebecca xxxx (32)

  8. A million dollar view and it's all yours - free. So lucky! Your desk looks like a space of creativity. Mine usually looks like that but not this Wednesday because I did some spring cleaning.

  9. Well now you've distracted me with that stunning view. I'd say you pretty much live in heaven! Thanks for popping into my blog.

  10. Very busy and creative desk. Love the view! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162