Monday, 28 March 2011

Where are my pics?

Sorry everyone, but my last two attempts on my last two postings keeps pinching my pic.
If anyone out there can help me, sure would appreciate it.
So not sure what to do. Something always works out somehow
Blessings Hilde


  1. Do you normally upload them to Blogger within your post? I find it easier to use Flickr for my photos. Upload to Flickr (you can leave the photos there set to private), then above the photo click "Share this" and then "Grab the HTML code", copy the code, and go back to Blogger. Above the text space of your post, change to "Edit HTML", paste the code, and then return to "Compose" and you should see your photo. Sounds long-winded but it's simple, and it doesn't take up your Blogger space (if you are uploading straight to Blogger then eventually you will run out of the space they give you for uploads).

  2. Hilde, I was having the some problem all day yesterday. I think they are trying to fix it. But I did find out that if you go in the the html code and erase the height 0 and width 0 in front of and after the img src - then the pictures show up. Hope this helps.