Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WOYWW - Happy New Year

Hi all!. I really hope everyone had a delicious, wonderful and peaceful entry into the New Year. Another big THANK YOU! again for all your lovely comments. You guys are amazing. My daughter is so well now that she has even gone back to work, even though the Doctors certificate is until the 10th, she decided she was ready. How good is that?
In the first pic you can see my usual mess, I have been inching more and more over to this side of the table for some reason, obviously too messy up the other end, LOL.
 I will get around to a big tidy up, one day. Then everyone will get a surprise, most of all me!!

On this pic you an see a bit of my 'system'. I write down on a piece of scrap paper which of the card challenges I am going to enter, and then as I have done them I mark it with a scribble so I am not tempted to do it again.
Here you can see a large and a small die. These are things I don't use as much as I thought I would so am going to sell them on ebay and use the money for something I will (hopefully) use.
Does this just only happen to me? I see something and I MUST have it and when I get it, it's  like......mmmmmmh. Oh well. I am slowly learning. I tend to make cards a certain way, and only dive into my other things when I enter a challenge that requires me to use something different.  That;s why I found the challenges great for me as they have stretched me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.
I am even tempted to try some water colouring soon, Oh yeah!! Watch this space...Oh yeah, and my latest discovery has been digi papers. How cool are they?
Have fun snoopen everyone, blessings Hilde.


  1. You are not alone - I too 'have' to buy things and then never use them! Good idea to keep a list :-)

  2. Great pics! Thank you for sharing.

    Do you know about my candy? Pop over to my blog and join!:)


  3. The thing is to buy what you see when you see it and then you have it ready for when you have the time and inclination, that's what I do. Thank you for the snoop!
    sue xx 50

  4. Happy New Year! looks like a very creative desk to me! No. 28.

  5. I have quite a long list of must have never used items, i really should start using or losing them. Well done for not hoarding them just in case like i do lol
    Happy New Year to you
    Minxy #25

  6. I do buy things and not use them for a while but I think it would be worse to want to do something and not have the right tools! That's my excuse! Glad to hear your daughter has recovered and is back at work.

    Brenda 83

  7. ah - I must have it and then never get to use it happens with me all the time.
    Linby x #109

  8. ooh, love your ribbon storage and your very pretty tote...very organised.


  9. I tend to only buy what I must have, but I admit I've bought a few things I never use or don't have time to use, then forget why I bought them. Glad you are destashing for the new year. Happy WOYWW from # 16.

  10. Ah, you are not alone in buying something you thought you had to have and then find it not being used. Don't anyone faint, but I got my Cricuit on sale, very low, and I never use it. What can I say. #95

  11. Happy New Year Hilde! Love your desk, especially the tote with the markers! Happy WOYWW! #7

  12. Selling on ebay is a great idea, then you can freely buy what you do need. Love having a snoop.
    Sandra #66

  13. Happy New Year to you too. Hope its a great one. I too have things packed away that I rarely use but just had to have when i saw them. I am a tool junkie, so you can just imagine. Love your desk, its looks very productive.
    Tertia 122

  14. Oh you do look organised. What a great idea to join in the card challenges - I keep meaning to - then when I try I mess up the card!

    Glad your daughter is recovered.

    Happy New Year

  15. Oh my, I think that's the "I gotta have it Syndrome" I also have stuff I bought and have yet to Digi papers are yummylicious for sure!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, have a wonderful WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #23

  16. Ah Hilde..I am a more sophisticated 'consumer' than I used to be, but can still quite easily make an expensive mistake..specially if everyone's got 'it'..I feel like I should have it! So happy that your daughter is well enough to return to work, don't let her over do it!

  17. i have so many things in my drawers that are still waiting to be used, but they're just cheap little tools and materials. one of these days... happy WOYWW!

  18. Very busy desk, love the ribbon organizer...I really need to get me one of those!

    Thanks for the peek! :D