Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hi all. Hope you had a wonderful week! Well things are settling slowly back in. Everyone is well for the moment, Hallelujah!! The school Holidays here in Australia are slowly coming to the end. The end of the month, it's back to school for most of the students, even though some don't go back until first week in February. Our biggest School break is over our Summer, which is over Christmas. Generally 6 weeks.
I am sure lots of Mums will be jumping for joy....LOL. I might be be crying in my Latte, but am sure that I will get over it very quickly, (maybe 5 minutes, he he. ) As my last one will be going off to TAFE, after 2 years of homeschooling. She will be doing year 10 in Tafe, so that should be interesting....I am so used to her being my shadow, that I might be at a loss for a little while.
Helloooo Ironing Board. I always knew there were used for something??? Ironing is the worst household chore for me!! Brrr ! Just get shivers thinking about it. LOL. This is the other side of my room, the never ending room. I am soooo grateful to have it. Now that my two older children are doing their thing, I have a little more room to move.I had some ribbon that didn't fit into any of my contraptions so the door handle on the wardroab does fine.

This photo is a little more up and and to the right of  the room.You can see the slanted roof line to the far right. Yeah, I know. Two Irons, what's the go with that??? What was I thinking? I need to find a better place for them, as they are always blocking my paper stash. Could do with a tidy up I guess. One day......
For now I still know where everything is. 
Have fun peaking. Can't wait to have a snoop at your place.
Blessings Hilde
Sorry that my posting is a little late, couldn't really think of what to send you, seeing you are all so wonderfully busy. Had a slow one this week. So hopefully these photos will be of interest.


  1. that's the only sensible thing to do with an ironing board, use it to store craft stuff.
    2 irons, is that 1 in each hand so you get itdone quicker and get back to crafting

  2. I dislike ironing too. It's good to know that I can use it to store crafty things. Two irons? I don't know the purpose in that, but that's because I don't iron. ;)

    Thanks for the peek at your craft space.

  3. Yay! I use my Ironing board to craft on too, hubby's used to glittered shirt collars! Happy WOYWW!

  4. I've been known to claim that ironing ia against my religion! :lol:

    Much better use for an ironing board... I also have a friend who uses hers as a mobile craft table so she can keep her hubby company while she crafts! :lol:

    Lovely craft room with lots of great stash and storage!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ali #74

  5. Two irons - that is so you can use one and give it away and keep the second to stroke it. after all, that is what we all do with special papers. Seriously, thanks for the nose into your crafting space.

  6. I have only one iron but it doesn't see the light of day very often. taught my boys from an early age if they wanted nything or bought anything that needed ironing then they had to do it worked a treat. lots more time top craft.
    x Tricia(80)

  7. That's the best use for a ironing board I've seen in a long time! Love the pretty storage box on top of it. I have to ask what TAFE is though!

    Brenda 100

  8. lol, iron..haven't got a clue where mine is, oops don't think I own one..

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10. Happy WOYWW

  9. Put the irons somewhere where you can't see them and get on with the important things in life. Making beautiful things is more fun too.
    Sue xx 67

  10. I have two irons...are we only suppose to have one? I rarely use either one though unless it is a crafty thing. Jeans and tshirts are the uniform of the day. thanks for sharing.

  11. I think thats the best use of an ironing board for crafting - I too hate ironing and at least I only have one iron lol ~ Nicky 24