Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What's on your workdesk Wednesday? 80

 It's Wednesday again, oh my. I have just taken a few shots and uploaded them, as I am just about to walk out again, as my beautiful 15 year old daughter has been in Hospital since Sunday.She had an emergency operation on Monday to take her Gallbladder out. Just came home to have a shower get changed, check my emails, and now will off again soon. My husband has taken over the next 'shift' so to speak.  How does this happen?she had lost 25kgs this year, and they reckon that 'could' have something to do with. I really think they don't know. She was in so much pain, we were beside ourselves to know what to do. Today she had a secondary prodedure that is related to the whole problem. For all you praying folk out there, certainly would appreciate some prayers her way.
Amazingly though I had the urge to take these photos and calmly upload them and write this before I scoot out again. Huh. This weird feeling like I am in the eye of a storm or something. Very calm.

Here you see my bag of promarkers, which I love, I had just started to colour in some digi stamps.

This photo you can see to the left of my big long table/desk. That is were my daughter sits and does her studies.

A closer look at my digi stamps. I had just printed off a whole heap and trimmed some back, ready to colour. I had to drop everything and leave it all. I am not sure at this point when I can back to it, don't even care it;s even more messy. Family first. There might not even be any christmas cards sent this year... see how things go. ( There's the Drama Queen coming out again!) Just need to catch up on some emails and  then off to the Hospital again.
Take care everyone, you just don't know when stuff happens.
All going well she should be back home on the weekend.
Blessings Hilde


  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter. What a worrying time for you all. Hope all goes well and she makes a rapid recovery.
    If you fancy being in with a chance to win a little knitted Christmas bear and haven't already put your name down then pop over to my blog to be in with a chance :-)
    A x

  2. Your daughter certainly has had a very tough time. Here is hoping she gets well really soon! I will say a little prayer for her!!!
    Sue xx 86

  3. How you've found time to blog this I don't know. I hope your daughter makes a full and speedy recovery. Much love to you.

  4. Fab space! Thank you for sharing. Pop over to my blog for my candy!


  5. Oh Hilde, I'm thinking of you and hoping for a good quick recovery for your daughter. I truly hope she is home with you very soon.
    All that lovely crafting will wait and no one will mind not getting a card this year after what has happened.
    Stay strong,
    Love JoZarty x

  6. All good wishes for your daughter's progess back to health.
    What a lovely craft space too!
    Chrissie #1

  7. Love your workspace. Those ribbons look just yummy. Love it!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #25

  8. Sos sorry to hear about your daughter .Sending big (((hugs)) and get well wishes for speedy recovery.I had excatly the smae thing done for similar reasons via key hole surgery and have to say best thing that i had done the pian and discomfort has gone believe me is hopefully she will be home soon pain free.
    Hugs judex3

  9. Wishes and prayers for your daughter health to return. 15 is far too young to have to go through that type of illness and surgery. Poor girl, wishing you all the best
    Sandra #57

  10. Little prayers to you, your daughter and your family as you overcome this most recent challenge in life. Hope she'll be back to her good health soon. Love your desk and the potential it holds!
    Vicki #95

  11. Hi Hilde, so sorry your daughter has had to have some surgery at her young age. But all will be right again soon. So nice of you to take the time to post us all during all your running back and forth. Family always comes first! Take care of yourself during this period also. Love your work area no matter how it looks right now. #79

  12. love Love LOVE your work area! so much wonderfulness going on over there :)

    Happy Holidays to you. Stop by when you get a chance. I'm #85 this week.

  13. Christmas, and all the people that love you, will wait and the celebration will be all the sweeter when your baby gal is fit and home again. Look forward to hearing that things are levelling out and you can see the wood from the trees. Hugs,