Sunday, 5 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, well I did it. i have put my tree up. My little family tradition is putting up the tree by or around the 1st of December. We don't religiously follow the 4 advents or anything like that. We don't wait until a couple of days before the big day to put up a tree either. When my oldest children were younger we use to have a real tree. In our hot climate, some ugly straggly pine tree just didn't cut it for me. I was used to the beautiful spruce trees we had in Germany when I was young. So an uneven funny looking fir tree was not for me. To make matters worse the tree would look rather sad  after only one week. We always put it in a bucket of moist sand but it didn't work. So one day I decided that's it, I am buying a fake tree. This tree is roughtly 20 years old now, it gets resurrected every year, and it's still  gorgoeus. Sorry about the pic, I chopped off the top by accident. It has a lovely sparkly star on the top. New to this year is my chandelier which I also decorated in our new colours. I am normally a traditional colour girl, red and gold. But this year my 15 year old daughter wanted to try something different. So hence the new colours. Purple, silver and a hint of pink. Not sure if you can really see it on the tree. We elevate the tree so we have plenty of space for the presents. I am still catching up with decorating the rest of the room. When I told my husband about our new colour scheme he just grunted. So I'm not sure yet if that was good or bad, lol, oh well. It's done now. The only thing is now after years and years of collecting everything in red and gold, I havn't got any matching doilies or table runners.  Now i can't find anything to match up with it anywhere. Red and gold have taken over every single shop I have been to. Typical.  Well I might just see if I can get some material and make something. It might just have to wait until next year, unless we switch back to red and gold.....Mmmmm.

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