Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stamping ground - What's on your Workdesk Week 77

Hi guys, I have always been intrigued about other peoples work spaces. Sooo, this is my 'first' time. And I didn't tidy, it looks a mess to me. On the right you can see a organized messy pile, which is a box that i put everything into that I don't know what to do with. Every now and then (  more then) I tidy it up and go through it. When I do, I am always shocked to find what's in it. Last time I did it I found my long lost car rego papers, LOL. I swear I have noooo idea how they got there........
I recently purchased two ribbon holder thingys, which I love, love love. At lieast that is semi sorted...
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Hi Hilde,

    I always try and visit the post above and below. I thought I might be the last one for a while. I was happy when I saw your name pop up. You are not alone.... I too find letters in funny places. Have a look at Kim's post #133 Very funny.

    Have a great week

    Kelly #134

  2. Welcome!
    Great desk despite the mess. I tend to push my pile back and find things in that pile months later. It's always an adventure.

    Sheila #60

  3. Welcome to WOYWW! You call it untidy but that's just stuff that covers up the underlying organization you've got going on there! Are you in your own shed? I've recently found that the large envelope I was using as scrap for spraying and squirting on is actually my unopened and therefore not completed tax return....sound familiar!!

  4. Very productive desk - and love all your ribbons.

    Dee #51

  5. Just look at all those fabby ribbons. Thanks for the peep. Hope we get to see more. (13)

  6. Thanks for your comment, Hilde. That is me in the wedding photo. I am working on going back to that age. Not working though!

    I didn't realise you were from Sydney, until I revisited you again.
    Have a nice night.


  7. Hi Hilde! Nice to met you & thanks for your comment about my cards! I am not really organized for christmas except on the card font! I have not bought any prezzys yet or anything! Supose I better start soon though! It creeps upon you dosent it! Love your crafty space & the ribbon store is fab! Nice looking lot off punches too I see!

  8. Now you've taken the woyww plunge, I bet you'll be addicted like the rest of us! Thanks for the lovely snoop around your work area - sure is a lot going on there - lol about your box - I know the feeling!

    Sherry (105)

  9. I only started a couple of weeks ago and its lovely to see everyones else little spaces - love your storage of ribbons and your craft space ~127

  10. Hope you enjoy WOYWW. I'm a newish recruit too, and it's fascinating seeing where everyone works, plus their projects. Loving your ribbon storage - I bet that seeing all those colours right in front of you is really inspirational.

    Bernie #11

  11. Well you have got a busy desk here with lots of nice things to use. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 42)