Sunday, 14 November 2010

Challenge: Daring Cardmakers: Remembrance Day

Hi all, every now and then comes a card challenge that takes my breath away. Remembrance Day is a day to reflect and honour the soldiers fallen, without the sacrifice of the 1st world war soldiers (or any soldiers for that matter) who knows where we would be today. The brave men that have died so we may live in peace. A huge price to pay, so we need to honour that. We need to remember that every day, when we can pretty much say what we want, read the bible if we so choose, watch or not watch the TV, go to the mall without being persecuted because of whatever. Do we really apppreciate the freedom we have? I am guilty that I too sometimes forget. 
I get very emotional on remembrance day, when they play 'the last post'. I tear up and my heart stirs. 
I give honour and thanks to all the soldiers that have died, we have lost quiet a few Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan this year. Australia has never been involved in a war itself, but we have been involved in every war because of us being alies to the countries that are in conflict. Always putting our hand up to help. Sometimes we wonder why we are there? Was the sacrifice worth it? Always fighting wars in other countries for other countries. But where would we be today if not for their sacrifice?
Freedom comes with a price. 
Thanks to Daring Cardmakers for this awesome Card Challenge.


  1. What a beautiful card and a beautiful post. I love how you've placed a picture of soldiers behind the poppies. Thanks for taking the time to remember with us at Daring Cardmakers.

    Lynda xxx

  2. So beautiful!!!!

    The perfect for for Daring Cardmakers! Thanks for joining us!!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia
    (guest designer)