Monday, 4 October 2010

Thrifty tip: Sanding your cards

This is just an easy tip for anyone out there. Being married for 'almost' 30 years, next year is the big (30), I know all about in the good times and in the bad times.........Because my husband has been self employed all through out our marriage, I have learned to be thrifty, because our income was never reliable and it was either flood or famine. We literally live from cheque to cheque.
I must say i am a little over it now though. I am soo ready for hubby to retire, oh wait, does that mean he will be using the computer more?? Either get a another computer or ......he still has a couple more years yet to go.. phew!!
Anyway as I was saying, I know all about how to be thrifty. I wasn't always able to buy every single tool out there for my crafts, and often I find you can come up with an alternative and it's more often than not cheaper.
Stop rambling Hilde and give them the TIP!!
Ok, the tip: I use a 3way finger nail buffer block. Look at the picture to see what I mean. When every you need to smooth the edges, and just take off the uneven cut or jaggered edge, it's perfect. On one side it has a beautiful fine sanding block and it lends itself for sanding card and papers. I have also used it for distressing etc. Give it a go. I think i paid to $2.00 for it and have been using it for ages, even my nails on occassions.

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