Saturday, 2 October 2010

My first entry to a challenge from 2 Sketches 4 You

Hi all, well I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I'm doing, lol. But why should that stop me? I was doing what any other addicted crafter does on a rainy day, blog surfing . So I came across this abosolute great sketch challenge from
2Sketches 4 You
 Now I have no idea (yet) how to do this, and there isn't much time. By midnight tonight the challenge must be in. So I am giving it a go. I feel like such a ditz at times, this is soooo new to me. I am still trying to work out what it all means. I look at other peoples blogs and wonder, how did they do that? So if things go weird for a while, that 's why. I am trying to find out what to do. I still don't understand about threads? ?? No, pretty sure it's got nothing to do with sewing...I will let you know when I know, or maybe you can tell me.
Blog hopping? Huh? MMMmmmmm. Grasshopper still has a lot to learn!!
I found this great new card idea on one of the blogs, but now can't remember where I found it, so I can't give the girl the credit? So if you know let me know. I'm writing everything down now. How easy is it to wonder off onto all these other blogs, and then you forget where you started.....or does that only happen to me? Man, it tell ye, it's as clear as mud. But trial and error will sort it out eventually. That's how I have worked things out in the past. Hey, I can even upload my own pics now, that was an interesting experience let me tell you. When you have a kranky teenage daughter who does not wish to be 'bothered' with dumm craft stuff, as it was put to me. I finally realised that I can do it myself. Like I said, don't ge me started, I could write a book on that alone. I also sorted some attitudes out along the way. My daugher doesn't think it's dumm craft stuff anymore!!!!! Oh yeah!!.

So here is my entry. It's the normal C6 size, but the fold is on the side. I used some embossing borders I had and scaps of scrapbook paper, no idea what brand, and printed off the sentiment. I used the sizzix flower for the surround of my birthday sentiment which was punched out with a circle punch. A pretty sparkly brad in one flower just makes it clean and simple. I inked the paper background and the sentiment. Hope you like it.

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