Monday, 4 October 2010

Blog thoughts

Hi everyone! Well what an exciting couple of days I have had. It's Labour day long weekend here in Australia, and it's been raining on most days... It was great for me to try out the whole blog thing. I still havn't
got it right yet. I've managed to link my photo's to the different blogs (now that's amazing right there!), but still managed to stuff up a few along the way, oops. Big sorry to everyone who would be shaking their head right now, ts, ts. I am very proud of myself though, I liked the idea of blogs, but never bothered before because I thought it would be too hard. I would still like to know how to send an email or note back to someone, and how to contact others. So far I have learned by trial and error, and am sure that is how it will continue, unless someone sends me a rescue line??? Anyone??
But I must admit, it has been fun sofar to enter some challenges, it doesn't even matter if I win or not. Who cares. The challenges have actually challenged me in a way that has given me a real kick up the you know what. It has 'made' think outside the box. I sell a lot of cards on ebay to help with my'craft addiction'. I am also homeschooling my teenage daughter ( well,she does it herself mostly). She is in year 9 and someone needs to be there . I have been very blessed on my setup in my craft room come computer room etc. So whilst she is doing her school work, I am making cards or other items.

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