Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scrapbook Page - I could have danced all night

G'day. Who doesn't know this oldy but a goody?
I thought this page would be perfect for the older generation. Your Mum, Aunty or Grandma maybe?
Love pinks. I have the orginal Music sheet and photcopied it and stamped some swirly things over it, tore the edges and ruffed it up a bit. I used a torn edge off another page that just had what I wanted in the bottom right corner. The bottom left photo mat was screaming at me so i stamped some more swirly pattern on it. Two small mats on the top right, a few buttons, done. Hope you like it. Oh yeah, and of course tags. Gotta have tags................. The idea is that one of the photo's will be placed partially over the music. Could easy fit 3-5 photo's.
Enjoy your day today and count your blessings. Instead of complaining, why not start to be thankful. The glass is half full, not half empty.

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