Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Plain and simple card, coloured with pro-markers

Hi everyone, it's been a while, I love looking at everyone's blogs, but don't really get around to blog myself.
Here I have a few cards I did just recently. In Australia we have Fathersday on the first Sunday of September. The area where I live has always had problems with the electrical supply in storms and windy weather. Soooo, we had a 10hour black out on that day, because we had a huge windstorm in the morning.

 'Dad', my wonderful hubby, finally occupied himself in the shed, my daughter and I decided to do some stamping and colouring. There wasn't much else to do on a windy day without any electricity.   So we stamped up everything in sight, it took us 3 days to catch up with all the colouring, and we had fun. Here are some of the results.
I searched the internet high and dry for some affordable copics or similar. The closest I came were the Tetra Pro-Markers. I ended up buying them from ebay, they came from England. Awesome. Even with the postage it was still within my budget. I got the series 1 and 2 for stamping and you get 10 doublesided pens in each pack. Love it.
Let me know what you think. What I liked was that you can colour over the top of each layer of colour to get your shading. I am no expert, but found them easy to use.

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