Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scrapbook Page - I could have danced all night

G'day. Who doesn't know this oldy but a goody?
I thought this page would be perfect for the older generation. Your Mum, Aunty or Grandma maybe?
Love pinks. I have the orginal Music sheet and photcopied it and stamped some swirly things over it, tore the edges and ruffed it up a bit. I used a torn edge off another page that just had what I wanted in the bottom right corner. The bottom left photo mat was screaming at me so i stamped some more swirly pattern on it. Two small mats on the top right, a few buttons, done. Hope you like it. Oh yeah, and of course tags. Gotta have tags................. The idea is that one of the photo's will be placed partially over the music. Could easy fit 3-5 photo's.
Enjoy your day today and count your blessings. Instead of complaining, why not start to be thankful. The glass is half full, not half empty.

Scrapbook Page - Pink and Lime, just devine

Well here we go again, I just love this colour combination.I just can't help it, pity my daughter isn't too fussed about it, seeing it going to be for her Scrapbook. Mmmmh. I like it.
This is a scrapbook page that I enhanced a bit. The Bird print you see on the top left? That was already there. See the little bird on the bottom right? Already there. I chose the lime as my mats and used a a matching scrapbook paper that had pink and lime stripes for the background of the two square mats. Lots of tag. One to fit under each photo mat. I add some lovely daisy punches in different sizes and used glitz for the centres. I glitzed over the crown that was part of the print on the top left. Just toooooooo cute. I very rarely make titles unless I know what photo's i am about to use for them. I like to pre prepare a whole bunch of scrappages including load and loads of tags. That way when the day comes for me to add my photo;s I can get a whole book done in a day or two.. Phew!

Happy Birthday - blue Butterflies

Hi there, hope you are having a great day. Are you winning???
I have found a scrapbook page that had lots of butterflies on it. So I cut out the elements that I liked and matted then onto a matching colour paper  and then added a little bit of glitz, it goes a long way. I tend to only pick out one butterfly or one element and follow it with glitz all the way around. If I am doing Butterflies or Dragonflies (my all time favourites) I tend to only glitz the antenna and the bodies. That's all it needs really.
I was able to make quiet a few cards just by using and seperating the butterflies and matting them onto co-ordinating colours. Money well spent.The back ground card is gorgeous. It has a lovely selftone pattern on the card. Looks very elegant, almost a pearl colour. Hope you like it.

Happy Birthday Card - Butterfly- Black and White

Hi all, hope you are having a good week so far. I was looking for glossy white card and didn't have any. (typical). So when you are in a creative mood you need it then and there, not later. I need it NOW! So I kept looking through my stash, and OMG!!! There was an unused pack of Photopaper. It was 180 gms, which is normally a little light, but when I felt it is was ok. So this satisfied my need to have glossy white card and I just randomly stamped all of my different butterfly stamps from Inkadinkadoo, Hero, Clear and Grey stamps all over the A4 size glossy card. You do have to be careful because the stazon will stick to the photo paper every time you stamp it. I think it is the photo paper for sure. I then cut up different sizes and added colour to some etc. I must of been able to make at least 6 or 7 cards out of one crazy creative attack, LOL. I matted the images onto black as well as the stamped sentiment. I had some lovely black satin, organza and silver ribbon. I added the 'knot' after and just used a couple of glue dots.Very elegant and swish looking card, even if I say so myself. Hope you like it.
Feel free to experiment with the different photo papers/card around. Sometimes you can pick them up really cheaply. Just watch out for the ones that have a stamped printed image on the reverse. It is a bit of a put off if you are using for a card that you are sending off to someone. Happy Cardmaking. Blessings and Good Luck.

Card - Just for you

Hi all, here I have a cute card in my favourite size C6. This time it's landscape. I really like this little bird which I was lucky enough to have on a littel bit of scrapbooking paper that I had in my remnant drawer. I have a drawer or more like an box that I put all of my larger offcuts or pieces of scrapbooking paper that are too good to waist.
So every once in a while I do a good rummage through and come up with all sorts of finds.
This was one of them. Not sure which paper it came from. So I just trimmed to size and matted it. I call this the layering technique. Where you 'matt' your main design onto one or more layers. The sentiment 'Just for you' is from a stampin up set I got off ebay second hand for a good price. Awesome. I had to add a little bit of glitz around one of the hearts and used glitter paper as a matting for the Sentiment. I inked around the sentiment and just a tiny bit of glitz on the J. Hope you like it. Have a wonderful day.
Birds seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment.

Happy Birthday Card for a Guy

Hi again! Hope you are having a fun day. Well this is still another card from my "Blackout" Day from Fathersday. This is a collage stamp and I can't remember who from. If you know this stamp please let me know so I can credit the stamp. I love this image it's very useful and can be used for the male population out there with ease. It is always harder for some reason to make a nice card for a guy that doesn't involve sport or a tie, he he. I used pro-markers to colour over the background. I did it in two tones over the top of each other, my attempt to do some shading. I think from memory I used Sandstone and Pear Green.
I matted the stamp on a matching colour lime green mini corrugate and then onto black. I did use the markers to 'ink' the edges first. I find using the markers so easy. It is less messy than inkpads or daubers and takes half the time. The pro markers are double ended. One end has a larger angle tip with which you can colour in large areas. I use that side to 'ink' my edges. Easy Peasy. I finished it off with 3 emerald green stick on jewels. The Happy Birthday is printed off my computer and raised with foam stickers. Again I coloured in all of the card after I printed the Happy Birthday and again 'inked' the edges with Moss Green.
This Card can be used for Male of Female, young or old. Just to give it a little sparkle( I love the bling, look at my Blog name, can;t help it) I topped it off with a littel sparkly gold on the dragonfly and the plinth.
Happy cardmaking. Oh yeah, this is a c6 size card, or an A5 folded, finished the card is 10.5cm x 15cm.
In general most of my cards are this size. I find it easy to match envelopes and send and make them on mass in this size. I do make other sizes and make my own envelopes but this is the best size to make if you have to make a lot . Also so easy because this fits a standard size envelope. If you are in a hurry, this is the best.(I find anyway) Happy Card Making.

Pink Fuchsia Card

Hi there, I recently discovered (through a blog) this lovely stamp set from 'flourishes'. They have the most beautiful stamp sets. I was very impressed and fell in love with the Fuchsias. It's the one plant I haven't mastered to grow. I seem to be able to kill them excactly at the 6 week mark. Not sure what I am doing wrong, I normally have a green thumb, except when it comes to Fuchsias.
Had a great time colouring them in. I stamped the images on a shimmer pearl with black momento ink. Make sure the ink is well and truly dry before colouring in. I used my new favourtite toys, the pro-markers.Moss, Dusky Pink, Maroon. The background is an embossed piece of thin pink card, and to finish it all off I used the Stickles in Crystal. The Happy Birthday is printed out from my computer using MS Publisher 98, and printed onto to a neutral coloured card raised up with foam stickers.
As you might have guessed by now, my favourite type of card is a Birthday Card. I found that is the most used card and someone is always in need of a Birthday Card in this house. My second favourite are Thank You cards. I will be making some next month and listing them for you to see.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Birthday Cake

Hi there, well I am so proud of my 15 year old daughter, I am ready to bust. She made her own 15th Birthday Cake. This is her 3rd cake she has made and it looks fabulous and tasted yummy. It was a two tiered cake and the top layer was lucious moist chocolate cake. She also made the cupcakes, they were all made from scratch. Her Birthday colour theme was pinks and browns. Don't panic, the martini glasses were for the 'mocktails' which were lemonade with pink grapefruit juice. She had a sleepover party with 5 girls. Everyone brought there own favourtie Movie to watch. ( I had to turn down 3 of them, ahm). The girls had a lovely time and for dinner they had BBQ chicken and salad. Easy.

Happy Birthday Age 2

Hi there, hope you had a great week sofar. Here is a lovely Birthday Card idea for a 2 year old.
I love making Birthday cards more than anything. I printed out the 'Happy Birthday' and the number 2 using MS Publisher 98. I like using that program because I am familiar with it. The Bee is a stamp that i coloured in using my new favourite colouring in pens from Pro Markers, the 2 sunflowers are pretty easy. The yellow are two daisy punches from ek succes put on top of each other overlapping and then using a circle punch for the centre. It is definately not your average number 2 Birthday card. But I like it, and i hope you do to. For the bottom flower I have used a bit of green ribbon with gold edges as the 'stem'. The background paper was a bit of scrapbook paper I had which is black with white sparkly dots on it. I used the promarker to edge the squares, it looks like they have been 'inked', but I have used the markers. I used the fat side of the markers and have found that the best thing ever. Much less messy than using a stamp pad or a dauber or whatever they are called. I always end up with more ink on me than anywhere else.

Scrapbook pages for the girl

Hi again. Well if I can make a bunch of scrapbook pages for the boys, then my daughter can't miss out of course. Here are some pages I made in one of my mad "creative' moods. On one of those days when it's 'help yourself for dinner' nights, because I am ....creating...........!!! Hope you like them.

Scrapbook pages for the boys

Hi again, I have two adult sons, one is married. So I thought ( while I can still remember everything, sort of) I would make them a couple of scrapbooks, starting with just making a bunch of pages.
Each album holds 10 pages so that would mean 20 scrapbook pages for me to make for each album.
I am good with the girly stuff and my teenage daughter will have more pages than to know what to do with, but it;s a bit more tricky for the boys. So I have posted some of my pages, let me know what you think.
I have used my cricut machine and the hello kitty cartridge, I really like the font. Most of the headers are in that font in 3 ".

Plain and simple card, coloured with pro-markers

Hi everyone, it's been a while, I love looking at everyone's blogs, but don't really get around to blog myself.
Here I have a few cards I did just recently. In Australia we have Fathersday on the first Sunday of September. The area where I live has always had problems with the electrical supply in storms and windy weather. Soooo, we had a 10hour black out on that day, because we had a huge windstorm in the morning.

 'Dad', my wonderful hubby, finally occupied himself in the shed, my daughter and I decided to do some stamping and colouring. There wasn't much else to do on a windy day without any electricity.   So we stamped up everything in sight, it took us 3 days to catch up with all the colouring, and we had fun. Here are some of the results.
I searched the internet high and dry for some affordable copics or similar. The closest I came were the Tetra Pro-Markers. I ended up buying them from ebay, they came from England. Awesome. Even with the postage it was still within my budget. I got the series 1 and 2 for stamping and you get 10 doublesided pens in each pack. Love it.
Let me know what you think. What I liked was that you can colour over the top of each layer of colour to get your shading. I am no expert, but found them easy to use.