Monday, 30 August 2010

Happy 21st : Easel Card.
You are looking at a large square Easel card that I put together.
It is 14cm x 14cm and is quiet a substantial card.
I used a 270gsm shimmer pearl card as the base card, i used some papers I had and tore it and inked the edges with pink chalk ink and added a purple satin ribbon. The number 21 is cut out shiny purple card using my cricut machine. I had some stick on jewels that I added, 2 dragon flies and a set of silver glasses made from tin, that I found at one of the cheap $2.00 shops. Living in Australia, Sydney, we don't have stores like Micheals that a lot of you tube crafters talk about.
I wish. Here in Australia we do have what I call : cheap charlies. Even though that isn;t their real name, but they carry all the low cost embellishments and heaps of other things all imported from China. Often you can get lucky and find some really wonderful low cost goodies. The flowers are made from satin fabric and are quilted, another find from ebay.
Ebay is a wonderful source to buy your bits and bobs for any type of crafting.
Construction: It is quiet easy to put together.
You cut a piece of card as your base card at 14 cm x 28 cm.
Fold in half and fold the front of the card in half again.
So score at 14cm and then again at 21cm.
You will need another piece of Card 14 cm x 14cm for the front.
Decorate this piece first with all your embellishments etc, then stick on to the front bottom fold.
On the inside about 1/3 of the way decorate with your sentiment or whatever, just make sure that you have some sort of ridge or edge, so the card can have something to lean on when openend.
Happy Card making friends.........
Let me know if you like this card.
I sell a lot of my cards and synthetic grass dog mats on ebay under my ebay store:
Have a good day

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